About Lyceum

State educational institution “South Ukrainian Vocational Lyceum” is an institution of professional (vocational and technical) education of the second attestation level, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Department of Education and Science of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration. Ensures the realization of the right of citizens to obtain vocational and general secondary education and carries out primary vocational training, vocational training and advanced training.

     The lyceum trains workers of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th qualification levels, as a rule, from among graduates of general educational institutions based on basic and full general secondary education.

        Form of education: full-time.

        Tuition: free of charge.

  The premises of the lyceum is located in a complex of typical buildings, which consists of an educational building and a dormitory. The total area of ​​the lyceum is 6542 m2, educational area: 4568.2 m2. The educational building has 21 classrooms, 6 workshops, 2 laboratories, 2 sports halls, 2 computer rooms, an assembly hall, a dining room, a library with a reading room.

      In order to provide the region with highly professional specialists in welding production, the Training and Practical Center for the training of qualified workers in the professions “Electrical welder of manual welding”, “Electrical welder on automatic and semi-automatic machines” and “Welder” is operating at the base of the State educational institution “South Ukrainian Professional Lyceum”. On the basis of the center, retraining of the unemployed population, vocational and technical training, internship and advanced training of masters of industrial training, teachers of vocational and theoretical training of vocational (vocational and technical) education institutions of the Mykolaiv region are organized.

    A garage, a stadium and sports fields are located separately on the territory of the lyceum.

     The dormitory is located in a separate module of a nine-story building, each floor is equipped with rooms with all amenities for 2-3 people.

    Theoretical training lessons in general education and special subjects are held in special classrooms, industrial training lessons – in training workshops and laboratories equipped with the necessary devices, machines and materials. Industrial training takes place at enterprises of the city and district under the guidance of industrial training masters and a mentor from the enterprise.

South Ukrainian Vocational Lyceum provides educational services on the basis of 9 classes with full general secondary education with a 3-year study period in the professions:

  • Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment.
  • Electric welder for manual welding, electric welder on automatic and semi-automatic machines.
  • Mechanic of repairing reactor-turbine equipment. Control and measuring    devices and automation fitter.
  • Car mechanic of repairing wheeled vehicles. Electric welder for manual  welding
  • Cook. Seller of food products. Seller of non-food products.

On the basis of 11 classes:

  • Electric welder for manual welding.
  • Seller of food products.

    The South Ukrainian Vocational Lyceum cooperates with Sumy State University. A distance education center has been opened on the basis of the lyceum, which offers the most  convenient and accessible form of obtaining higher education at one of the most prestigious universities of Ukraine.